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loved it! totally worth the wait

digsBot responds:

Yeees! Glad you digged it man!

the whispering got me!
i like this kind of whacky animation style. no offense, I'm sure you wanted it to be like that. and if not it still looks cool though. :-)

if you had left the "it's what keeps us alive" part out, it wouldn't have been that racist. but this just isn't cool.

other than that it was funny

as i said the humor is not my style. everything else though is just impressive. smoothest animation around. great work on that one. but the jokes just aren't kicking it to me. looking forward to the next episodes though!

funny and great animation!
why does the quality suffer from scaling? how'd you animate it. Seems like you did something different. not bad though! :-)

loved the game! loved the video! the best about it was sonic saying 'you're too slow' - 5 stars

you are my favorite animators! and i was very honored when you answered my question back then! you might not be the best. but i love your stuff the most! props!!

you don't seem to accept critique, or do you? as i can see you don't. even though you said feedback would be appreciated. I couldn't have said it better than SCTE3. But your answer was just rude. He found the time to write a review that good with advice and everything and you were just a jerk.
This is the most horrible flash i have seen on newgrounds until now. I'm sorry but that's how i see it. I hope you find the time to read SCTE3's comment and take his advice. It'll be worth it.

The worst thing about this flash is the music. Too loud!

And how do they run. You can't even call it like that.
I don't get why this wasn't blammed.

HonkGronkers responds:

I hoped for constructive critisism, there is no need to freak out. Instead of saying that it's bad, why don't you tell me how to improve? You are very rude. I plan on releasing more animations soon, I hope that they will have more helpful reviews than this one. P.S. don't insult others when you can't do better yourself.

thats was awesome! so smooth. you make the best cartoons! I really don't know anyone who is better.

trying to make cartoons going to upload english but i'm german though

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